Samsung has launched Galaxy S6 Edge and few months back Apple also launched iPhone 6 and 6+. Fact is that technology in cell phone stream is improving at very high pace and so do the problems. Problem of low signal or signal congestion is increasing day by day, all because of increase in cell phone users daily. Every new cell phone models comes with more data and sim card services usage. Now, this problem has been causing call drops, message drops and low signal coverage.samsung_galaxy_note_edge_display

Cell phone signal booster is a device which has been helping many people all over the country in resolving cell phone signal problem, this device was introduced in time when there was only 2G network and 3G was just introduced. Since then cell phone boosters have also seen growth in technology, as each band of signal requires different type of boosting frequency and that lead to change in its technology.

Today, we have cell phone signal amplifier for all spectrums i..e 2G, 3G and 4G LTE. Thing is that these boosters have made our lives too simpler, they keep us away from tension of losing important calls due to low signal coverage. Another good thing is that cell phone signal amplifiers are available for almost all places like basement or high buildings or elevators. You can ever get cell phone boosters for vehicles or ships.