Suppose you are in a lift of a building and you are attending a important call, the very first problem you will face will be low signal problem. This not only happens in our country but happens all over the world. The signals in lift always get week, as lift moves up and down with speed the signal get weaker in between which causes lot of call drops in lifts. In huge building, a person use to spend certain amount of time daily in lift and use to feel disconnected from world in that time.

The problem gets worst when lift gets jammed for sometimes and believe me it happens a lot, after all lift works on machinery and machinery can get hung anytime. Especially in if you are in hanged lift, the uneasy feeling use to increase suddenly when the signal of your cell phone starts disappearing.

Keeping this problem in focus, Weboost and other cell phone booster manufacturers have introduced cell phone boosters for lifts for huge and small building. It is advised that a cell phone booster for lift should be made mandatory. Online cell phone booster store provides many options of cell phone signal amplifiers for lifts, they offer almost all brand boosters. You can go and get one of your choice.