PAPGO P3 is a camera device recently launched for save driving, at first sight it can be said that it is a great device. The reasons for claiming this device a great one are many, few are detailed below.

Suppose you have met with an accident and your car have faced severe damages, first thing which gets started at time use to be blame game. The wrong person at that time always tries to put blame on other which use to harm effected person in lot of ways. In such cases, if you have a video clip of accident then that could be a great plus point for your case. This is how PAPAGO P3 helps you out here, it get fixed on dashboard and records all your driving and road activities, if accident occurs you will be having the video clip of the accident and the original guilty person will have no way out.

PAPAGO P3 comes with a 16GB SD Card and it records at speed of 30 frames/second with quality of 1080p. One point where this camera seems lacking is that it records video clip of maximum 5minutes and after 5minutes it creates new clip, it should have been a continuous clip of easy usage. As the 16GB get full, PAPAGO P3 will delete old clip to make storage available for new clip, this is a negative point and should be sorted out soon.

Collision warning is another great function of this great device, it indicates you before collision happens and makes you apply brakes or do other necessary thing. PAPAGO P3 comes with integrated GPS system, you need not to install external GPS system if you have this installed. Automatic light dim system, driver fatigue alarm and lane departure program, these are few of many features of PAPAGO P3.

One thing I liked most about it is Speed Control System, it indicates you when you cross the speed limit. It happens with me most of the time and that’s why i like this feature most. The screen is quite large – larger than any other device, it gives driver the clear view. Touch Screen version is expected in next update, till now it comes with classic buttons. The price of $220 is not too much for your safety or I would say that it is one of the must installed car device.