May be cell phone signal carriers are making improvement in signal strength on land but what if you are on a boat? Signal strength on land can be easily improved with cell phone signal amplifiers easily but if you are on boat then will these boosters work? Answer is yes, there are cell phone signal amplifiers for boat available now, these amplifiers allow you to go for a boat tour without fear of losing signal. These boosters’ works on very basic phenomenon of collecting signal from nearby land and boosting it and spreading it all over the boat area. These kinds of boosters are known as marine cell phone signal booster. A marine cell phone signal booster works almost same like a normal cell phone booster, only change is that it gathers signal from any nearby signal tower installed on nearby land area.

Talking about kinds of Marine Cell Phone Signal Booster-

At this time, there are only three major payers in market and those are –

  1. sleek4gSleek 4G Cradle Booster – This booster is made of boosting signal for one phone at a time only. This may hurt but it is true that if you want to use this booster then you have to put you cell phone always on cradle and you will have to make calls via speaker or Bluetooth headset. Yeah, it do sounds depressing but good news is that it works on almost all kinds of signals i.e. 2G, 3G & 4G LTE.
  2. mobile4g_marineWilson Mobile 4G Marine Kit – Awesome device from Wilson Electronics, it boost all 3 kinds of networks i.e. 2G, 3G and 4G.This is a plus point for this marine signal booster that it can boost 4G network also on boat which no other booster can do at this time. Another good point is that Wilson Mobile 4G Marine kit comes with strongest cell phone signal amplifier allowed by FCC which ensures strong signal on boat almost everywhere. Reason for giving strongest booster system is that a boat can be at any distance from signal tower and low signal booster system will lose connection soon. One thing Wilson Electronics needs to improve in this booster is its coverage are, you cannot increase it by your choice as it can only be increased few feet.
  3. flex2go_marineSureCall Flex2Go – Another great booster from SureCall for boat. It is the best marine signal booster from SureCall because they have installed strongest signal amplifier in this device. Yes they have followed all rules of FCC which were announced last year and signal amplifier installed in this device is strongest allowed by FCC. SureCall has made 3G Data Surfing and Voice Calls very easy on boat with this great marine signal booster. One point where this booster lacks is low or weak quality of outside signal, you cannot extend the coverage area by your choice, you can do it only within few feet from inside antenna.

Few Things to keep in mind:

  1. Marine Signal booster are only made for living areas of boat, installing booster on deck can be a foolish idea because signal transmission from outdoor antenna to booster will get too much disturbance and booster will shut down itself in result.
  2. A cell phone signal booster for boat or anywhere can’t generate signal itself, it require minimum of one bar signal to work. So, if you are in area with zero signal strength then do not expect signals from cell phone signal booster.

At last, you can enjoy full signal strength on boat too. All you need to do is to install a marine signal booster and install it by reading installation guide properly.