Today’s world is known to be as the world of easy communication and world of cell phones, almost every today has cell phone with him and especially in our country cell people thinks that life is not possible without cell phones. In our country people are so dependent on cell phones that they are not ready to compromise with quality and that is why the cell phone signal boosters are getting in more demand.

weBoost is leader of cell phone booster market and fact is that they make finest cell phone signal amplifiers till date. Keeping the public demand in focus, weBoost has launched a new booster in market known by weBoost Pro 70 Plus. The new weBoost Pro 70 Plus is for the customers who are custom installers or it can be said that this amplifier is for installation market. Good thing is that it comes with self-optimizing microprocessor and it also has a built in graphical signal meter.

Till now, at time of installation we used to find the best signal place and direction by a mobile phone, which makes it necessary to have a mobile phone while installation but in Pro 70 Plus, weBoost has introduced uplink and down link lights. This help in minimizing the time of setting up a booster.

With price range of $1400, Pro 70 Plus is very much capable of boosting the down link power of 12dB also, it can boost it and spread it in no time.